In the field of sport, we mainly enjoyed living in Eindhoven: the indoor sports center, the ice rink, the Tongelreep, sports and recreational area Genneper Parken. Policy support, impact studies, member recruitment, marketing, communication, event support and evaluation. It went on and on. Here the seeds are laid for a number of important national contributions, such as the development of national guidelines for the evaluation of (sports) events. In the role of project leader for the WESP, funded by NOC * NSF in the context of 'The Olympic Fire', the guidelines 'economic impact, visitor numbers, satisfaction stakeholders, promotional value, social impact and visitor numbers' were developed. Guidelines that are now the methodological standard for each event.

Furthermore, we are proud of the study 'Meaning of PSV Football for the city of Eindhoven'. In addition to the economic significance, the social significance of PSV emerged through this research. We would also like to refer here to the work we have done for Sportstad Rotterdam in the context of the European sports year, evaluations of the World Championships track cycling, visitor surveys for the Vuelta and the Giro and for the business sector including strategic plans for Fitland, keeping open of swimming pools (swimming pool Noord, Rotterdam) and many other projects.