Toerism and Recreation

Tourism and recreation are broad concepts. The many projects that we have carried out in the leisure economy are therefore diverse. They range from small-scale local projects to sector-wide (inter) national studies. The international projects are usually carried out on a voluntary basis for the NGO-organization PUM or the United Nations.

The first serious national study on 'tourism and recreation in the countryside' was carried out by WVB Marketing. The client was the NBTC (Dutch Tourism Board / Holland Marketing) and the Ministry of LNV was the financier. For the same client we have also developed a tourist panel and have been allowed to carry out every quarter for years. For each province, we presented the state of affairs with regard to the number of reservations, how the past season had ended and what the expectations were for the coming season for the day and stay recreation sector. Every province paid for it. We also provided the annual exhibition reports of the 'Lekker weg in eigen land' promotion campaign. Such annually recurring investigations were also performed with great pleasure for the ANWB.

For various provinces and regions we gave shape to the tourism policy, product development, project management of tourist projects, event evaluations and incentive schemes. Think of the identity research of the province of Zeeland, the strategic tourism plan of the province of Brabant and the like. In consultation with the business sector, we often developed tourist agendas and implemented subsidy schemes. We have donated millions of euros to co-financing, making tourist projects feasible.

We have also carried out many feasibility studies, customer satisfaction surveys and support surveys. To attract more visitors, attract the right visitors, increase tourist spending and otherwise.

We have also done great projects in the field of organization. For example, we conducted the interim management at the VVV 's-Hertogenbosch and the Meijerij and for VVV Zuidoost-Brabant (director-director). In addition, we have been the quartermaster for the municipality of Eindhoven to come to the new city marketing organization, Eindhoven365.

In addition, we have supported many business management teams in the field of brand, marketing and communication. For example, we were part of the Supervisory Board of Conference Hotel Kapellerput and we temporarily ran the management of the Wieger Museum, to name but a few examples.